My Thoughts on Evolution.

The theory of evolution's premise is this: due to perfectly random chance, life came about on earth and changed over a period of millions upon millions of years from a simple, single-celled organism to complex creatures to the ultimate creatures - human beings, who, in the eyes of evolution, are not the pinnacle of evolution since there are higher forms into whoch human beings can change.

While I can do it, I am not going to be academic about this discourse because the thought of writing thousands of words trying to dispel a myth is annoying, so I will contribute a few words to the shouting match and go to sleep.

Firstly, evolution is said to be a process. This process is said to have randomly brought about a universe bounded by laws which are consistent and predictable and also brought about intelligent life through a process of trial and error. I would like to state here that there is nothing like an intelligent process, because the nature of intelligence requires reason and reason requires thought and thought requires sentience. Intelligence is adaptable, decisive, and responsive to emotion among other things.

Second, an intelligent process if it exists does not just respond like a traditional process - processing inputs using given parameters which are usually static or have to be inputted in some way in order to generate output or meet a goal. We can put lower life forms here, like rats. A rat will respond to hunger and danger, and will learn to some extent but if you will observe closely, a rat is similar to a process. It has specific goals to meet such as avoidance of danger, and will try to avoid it using certain parameters already in its mind. These parameters are usually dependent on external stimuli received through sensory organs like the nose and ears, and will influence its behaviour even if the environment changes and is usually independent of cognitive ability. In the case of human beings, 'stupid' is an important word that affects those with the highest and lowest cognitive abilities without fail. A person who licks the road can be said to be stupid, for example, but when they make a billion dollars doing it...

Thirdly, intelligence gets bored with monotony, and neither can it be born of dumbness. Our computers cannot bring about intelligence on their own. There is nothing like smart cars, or smart teapots. Those are things made to respond to certain parameters to bring about specific desired behaviours.

Fourth, evolution is an incomplete process, from its descriptions. That means that, among human beings, there are still some with monkey features like, let's say, excessive body hair? This seems a common-enough trait among white people, Arabs and some Africans - people living in different climatic conditions. Moreover, this implies that human beings cannot interbreed across races which we know is a lie. I might just impregnate a Japanese lady myself. Just wait and see

Fifth, evolution claims adaptation as the reason some species thrived in an environment hostile to life while others did not. This claim logically implies that animals and plants can influence their genes just by thinking; it also fails to account for probability - how probable is it that different combinations of genes would come about in a hostile environment from a finite number of plants and animals of the same species with a limited amount of resources and to make it even more interesting that the same set of genes shared by more than one animal species could incubate and bring about another - basically, how can a banana give birth to a man, or how can a woman give birth to a banana?

It gets worse. Why would a creature which is already perfectly suited to an environment need to change? If the environment changed for some reason, would it not just die? Why would an unintelligent creature leave the logical confines of its existence? Would that not make the creature a self-writing process?

Even worse than the point above, how intelligent are atoms and molecules? What are their powers? How can DNA change itself, wrap itself, generate chemicals to interpret itself, create a functioning biological machine from itself yet as we know DNA needs RNA to read and interpret it and this requires other chemicals to make it work. DNA requires external chemicals for it to biologically make sense. A protozoon would need to become an egg to become a fish. To even be a protozoon, to even be RNA, things need to be designed and as we know, evolution is a process. It is dumb. It cannot design.

Furthermore, there is the little issue of justice; in a world where only the strong survive and survival is for the fittest, why do we need courts? Why do we have, respect and uphold structures like the government, accountants, lawyers, police and soldiers whose sole purpose is to protect us from each other? Isn't it self-defeating and an actual recipe for our annihilation?

Lastly, homosexuality. It has existed among human beings for thousands of years yet Greeks still exist, and with intact anuses, not some hybridised version of vaginus where the anus should be among their population; not even a slight genetic mutation or suggestion of the same exists in their genes which would imply some populations' evolution into homo sexual while the rest of us remain homo sapiens. The same holds true of a good number of Muslim communities whose women give their lovers their buttocks to protect their virginity, leading to large amounts of understandably underreported homosexuality among Muslim populations in the Middle East and Africa.

I forgot one thing (I am not sorry about this). There is a small issue of our parents' choices and lives influencing ours through methyl groups that modify gene expression to an extent, more so our choices. If these were evolutionally significant, there would be no cases of people going against their inborn, inherited natures to adopt their desired behaviours in complete defiance of their genetic dispositions.

I am not even going to mention the big bang theory at this point.

I believe evolution is silly. If you are an evolutionist, you would have to call yourself a monkey in line with your supposed heritage but that would not do since you are already human. For the rest of us who were properly designed and made, we will meet at the side there for some tea and biscuits before heading home to sleep. You are free to join us if you will.


  1. I have a feeling I sound like one of those smug liberals who think they are clever in this essay. I have spit out that saliva.

  2. I am also tired of reading papers and articles by very intelligent people about some biological phenomenon only to hit a "millions of years of evolution" like a stone in my githeri. I usually just leave off reading at that point because I cannot bear to be brainwashed by people who probably depend on the myth of evolution to put ugali on their tables.