Not My War

Some time back, I wrote a story that seeks to explain the way the consequences of things in which we are not involved spiral and catch us and end up hurting us. Today, I want to mention something about the Russo-Ukrainian war and the way people who are not even participants are caught up in it, probably to all our detriment.

Okay, let me stop pretending; I am basically writing to complain about the censure of Russians who are trying to just live like the rest of us for a war they did not instigate and which they support because they have been brainwashed by their government. I have no opinion on Russia's invasion of Ukraine because I know it is human nature to want to fight against and conquer your neighbour and I respect Russia's actions. However, it is important for me to note that people will die, and if the Russians die in Ukraine, then they were asking for it, just like thousands of Americans have died in the East because of going to beat people war for no seemingly justifiable reason (though in the case of the Middle East, the Bible mentions something about everybody's hand being against Ishmael and vice-versa).

I have observed that a lot of businesses have closed shop in Russia in solidarity with Ukraine. In the case of a company like Ikea, I understand it is difficult to operate a business in what is essentially a war zone and for companies like Visa and Mastercard, there is the slight issue of maybe funds being routed through their network to support Russia's agressive acts against Ukraine.

I would like to mention - and this is not a new observation - that the Western countries censuring Russia and sanctioning it under the water are hypocritical because they themselves do the same thing to innocent countries, much like what France has done in Africa for decades. The only reason they experience few consequences is because they control the economic and political infrastructure of the planet. When people retaliate against them - again, a natural thing to do - they call them terrorists. I am not apolitical; my sympathies are not with either the Capitalists or Communists, Liberals or Conservatives and the mishmash of things mixed up in the bowl of humanity.

Maybe, by denying much-needed services to Russians, these businesses may be trying to create a critical mass of people who will pressure the Russian government into ceasing its hostilities against Ukraine so they can continue living their lives; the same actions have been taken by Western governments against rich Russians for probably the same reasons. International bodies have also kicked Russia out of their communities because maybe they do not want to be seen to be friendly with a country that is beating another country for no apparent reason. Maybe, though, neoliberals have infiltrated them and, like the feminists and homosexuals of the West, now control their various policies and agendas.

Maybe, too, these people are just afraid of losing business to negative public opinion in their home countries which is also understandable because everybody wants to have some ugali on their table.

Also maybe these people were just tired and stressed because of covid and now want to fight someone and decided to enter a fight that is not theirs to exercise a pent-up aggression built from years of fear of nuclear conflict.

On top of that, maybe someone wants to hide the fact that covid was a long con planned by some rich people in the West, East, and North to make money or to gain increasing control over the masses through the use of fear. Maybe they wanted to wipe Africans out through this disease or its vaccines so they could get at the wealth we are sitting on because they cannot now invade the continent directly or their theft has become harder to execute.

My point was already made in the second paragraph, but I want to repeat that even if individual Russians are sanctioned, the Russian state has properly brainwashed its citizens into supporting it, so that action may not be as effective as they hope.


I have no business with the things mentioned above as I said, and I am not neutral either. One thing I know, though, is that all these wars and whatnot are killing people for no reason and that should stop. They will not, but they should.