The Hands Of A Man.

All men are born with the power to move worlds; few men can move themselves.

Men are born with the innate ability to move the planet with their hands. In our hands lies a power that most men die without knowing.

While, yes, a few men realise the impact of that innate power on the world by making it move in one way or another, the vast majority are oblivious to it. This is because, in our ignorance, we struggle towards the achievement of our various goals which are often tied to our dreams and desires and end up knocking the world off its pedestal and sometimes breaking it like Hitler did.

Young men (boys) exercise this power instinctively, but society does not know how to handle it so it defaults to repressing it through violence and fear. The end result is often weak and/or broken men with diminished, suppressed or broken power. The result is a confused and broken society.

While men are oblivious to this power, women seem to know it - consciously or unconsciously - and they often move with haste to harness the man to make his power meet their goals which are more often than not selfish and/or misguided.

As a result, it is important that men realise this innate power and harness it to move the world.

How can a man fully harness and utilise his power?

The answer is simple. The man must first conquer himself. We have tamed beasts, harnessed nature, stopped and reversed time and conquered our fellow men but have been completely defeated by our own selves. Alexander the Great was defeated by his love for alcohol, the same as many men today and throughout history by our love for pleasure in its many forms.

Once a man conquers himself, there is nothing he is unable to achieve.1


This statement does not ignore the realities of disposition and ability.

I have deliberately limited the scope of this article to the world for the purpose of this discussion and also because there are plenty of examples of men moving the entire planet - human, physical and spiritual - and of our insatiable curiosity and limitless imagination which imply that men can move the entire universe with their hands.

Minds also apply when I talk about hands.

When I talk about hands, I mean our actions, not just the things that live in our heads which we do not implement or talk about.

Simple is not equal to easy.

Men here refers to biological male human beings, from the womb to the grave.