The Zombie Apocalypse

We have seen many stories everywhere in various forms of art and literature about how a virus from somewhere would infect one person and this one person would essentially die and resurrect in a degraded, mindless, rotting animal form popularly called a zombie, and this zombie would bite and infect another person and this would trigger a chain reaction that would eventually lead to a good percentage of the human population worldwide getting infected, dying and coming back as zombies. Maybe a few heroic, lucky or immune people would remain to battle the zombies and reclaim life for humanity blah blah blah, blah blah blah. You know how it ends.

In 2019, exactly that happened. A virus leaked out of a lab in China blah blah the entire planet - even fruits and vegetables - are infected with the virus. Obviously no one has died and resurrected in degraded, mindless, rotting animal form controlled by the virus' desire to spread and wreak havoc - or have they? Let us see.

When the virus came, health "experts" advised governments worldwide to go into lockdowns and impose restrictions to prevent this "killing machine" of a disease from spreading. The media industry was tasked with informing the public and preventing the spread of "false and misleading" information, which work they did beautifully well. The virus spread and killed people nonetheless. It also kept mutating into ever more interesting forms and even spawned a new virus that managed to control people without having to kill and resurrect them first.

This new virus gave people hallucinations and shut down their reasoning capacity, only letting them follow specific people like sheep all across the planet, seeking for comfort and solace. In fact, when "experts" managed to develop a prototype antidote for the first virus and roll it out, the second virus directed these zombie people towards this prototype-to "prevent" the first virus from finishing them, and turn against non-zombies who at this time were shouting at them to open their eyes and see the ravenous wolves in their midst and trying to stop them.

In fact, when this prototype started killing the zombies, the zombies started fighting among each other over whose fault it was, and rabidly attacking the humans in their midst who refused to take this prototype antidote.

While this situation raged on, and from the start, a small group of people emerged who apparently could predict the first virus' behaviour and its killing rate. These were hailed as prophets by the zombies and everything they said was taken as truth. These people were called Eugenicists, and their agenda was to reduce the population of the world because in their eyes, all human beings are viruses that make the world sick.

No one has as yet seen the real enemy in the picture - the Eugenicists - and few have recovered from the second virus.

God have mercy on us.



The second virus is fear just in case someone here wants to misquote me.